Embracing Garbage ゴミを抱きしめて

By Takanori Tamura

The following article is not an academic research but  an impression I had when I picked  up garbage in front of the Japanese national diet on Sept. 15, 2015.


Garbage from a place for a protest gathering is a political issue in Japan.


In December 2013, a famous alpinist Ken Noguchi wrote an article for Sankei newspaper.  He argued anti-nuke protest gatherings in front of PM residence and said “I was fed up with a lot of garbage they left.” This is untrue.  The organizers cleaned  the ground

up carefully every time after they conducted protests. I know it because I often go


Article by Ken
Noguchi in Japanese

大騒音とゴミ デモのスタイル考え直した方がいい


How much garbage
they leave when they have a big protest gathering in Japan? I went to a protest which against Abe’s security bill in front of the diet and  picked up garbage from A2-A4, C2-C4 and a part of B2 on the picture below. I did it from 10:00 pm to
11:00 pm.  It is too crowded at A1 and C1
to pick up garbage. Of course, SEALDs and volunteers did it again after they have finished. 


A2からA4, C2からC4と



There were many
people from the morning. It continued untill 1:00 am on the next day. There were many people as you see in the following picture.



This is a picture of
a bag of garbage I picked.  It should be
18 little to 20 little of garbage because the bag can contain 45 little.
They are mostly pieces of papers.  I picked up rather many plastic bags at C2.



Almost of them are
placards. However, there are no SEALDs
issued placards ,maybe, because SEALDs’s movement is completely cloudified.  Participants choose a placard they like and pay 100 yen to print through “net-print”
service at 7-11. It becomes their private property and they do not throw

On the other hand, thrown placards were given by an organization for free. However, they are 7 or 8 of ten thousands or more, I believe.



So, I don’t think it is much as a
size of gathering.  At the same time, it
could be little more than garbage from usual anti-nuke protest in front of the PM residence because, maybe, new member are
coming to this protest. They are not educated enough yet.